Nuestra Cocina

Nuestra Cocina welcomes you to “Our Kitchen”. Nuestra Cocina is a collaboration of two renowned restaurateurs and chefs, Benjamin Gonzales and Shannon Dooley-Gonzales. Together as husband and wife they own and operate Nuestra Cocina, an authentic Mexican dining spot in southeast Portland, Oregon.

The style of cuisine can often be considered old peasant style Mexican cooking. Recipes and flavors spanning far as the high desert state of Zacatecas to the coast lines of Vera Cruz and Tampico.

Inside “Our Kitchen”

Meet our Señora de la Tortilla! Her sole responsibility is to hand roll & press authentic corn tortillas. The hand tortilla press we use is a special hand-crafted press built by our own chef’s grandfather and passed down to him.

Our Tortilla Lady prepares over 30 pounds of masa for every evening’s meal. She provides our guest with delicious corn tortillas that are served fresh and hot. It’s one of our signature features at our restaurant.

Private Events

Our Mole (mo-lay) Room is inspired by the diverse amount of Mole sauces that are served with authentic Mexican cuisine. The rich decor of deep reds and chocolate browns create an ideal mood and ambience. It is designed as the perfect venue to host a special family gathering, a meeting or a corporate dinner.

To book your special event here’s some general information on reserving our Mole (mo-lay) Room.

Our Chef

Chef Benjamin was born and raised in Los Angeles, California with his roots reaching south towards Mexico. Living under one small roof, with a very large family, his Mexican background focused on food preparation and family gatherings. Benjamin directed his career towards cooking.

Shannon was born in upstate New York and later moved to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Having a family in the restaurant industry also meant she was destined to focus on the food and beverage world.

Our Classes

Chef Benjamin teaches monthly cooking classes at Nuestra Cocina. Each class is 3 hours from 6pm - 9pm.

Prepare & enjoy a 3 course menu. You can participate with the chef or just watch and learn. All recipes are provided. Taught in our back kitchen then gather as a family, in our Mole Room and eat regional cuisines of Mexico.

Book a private cooking class. Great for birthday gatherings or corporate bonding. 8 to 12 people are required for private classes or

Schedule a one-on-one cooking class with Chef Benjamin. Discuss a menu with the chef and learn the true art of Mexican cooking in your own personal class.

Our monthly cooking classes have been postponed until we can figure out a new way to conduct each class.

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