Chef Benjamin was born and raised in Los Angeles, California with his roots reaching south towards Mexico. Living under one small roof, with a very large family, his Mexican background focused on food preparation and family gatherings. Benjamin directed his career towards cooking.

Shannon was born in upstate New York and later moved to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Having a family in the restaurant industry also meant she was destined to focus on the food and beverage world.

In 1990 Benjamin and Shannon married, moved north to Portland, Oregon and began raising a family of four beautiful children.
The Gonzales’s have called Portland home ever since.

Playing heavily upon Benjamin’s Mexican heritage and their passion for food and the appreciation for family and togetherness. In March of 2004,
Nuestra Cocina, which simply means “Our Kitchen”, opened its doors.

Taking advantage of the abundance of local and fresh ingredients grown by Oregon area farmers, together, they have successfully created a restaurant that focuses on gathering around the kitchen, preparing family recipes and eating food they love.