Nuestra Cocina is a collaboration of two renowned restauranteurs and chefs, Benjamin Gonzales & Shannon Dooley-Gonzales. Together, as husband and wife, they own and operate Nuestra Cocina, a regional Mexican dining destination in southeast Portland, Oregon.

The style of cuisine can often be considered old peasant style Mexican cooking. Recipes and flavors spanning far as the high desert state of Zacatecas to the coast lines of Vera Cruz and Tampico. The menu includes items such as handmade tortillas, Cochinita Pibil, Gorditas, Camarones con Tamarindo. The bar has a wide selection of tequilas including house infused tequilas, Mezcal made in remote villages, house made sangria and a variety of Mexican beers.

We invite you to experience our passion for traditional Mexican cuisine.

Nuestra Cocina welcomes you to “Our Kitchen”.